"My family has always been involved in human rights and humanitarian work, values that have been instilled in me from a young age. Bringing positive change to people's lives is what led me to the practice of law."

Selim James Levy (李希霖)

Faceshot of Selim James Levy
  • Domestic Contracts and Agreements

    Domestic Contracts and Agreements: Cohabitation, Marriage, Separation, Parenting, Openness among others

  • Issues Affecting Children

    Issues affecting children: Custody and Access, Child Support, Adoptions

  • Issues Affecting Adults

    Issues affecting adults: Spousal Support, Powers of Attorney, Wills & Estates

Languages spoken

We can assist and represent you in a variety of languages, both orally and in writing.


Practice Areas

Our culturally aware practice deals most frequently, but not exclusively, with the following areas:

Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts

Child Custody and Access


Separations and Divorces

Wills & Estates

Separation and Parenting Agreements

Child and Spousal Support

Equalization of Net Family Property

Powers of Attorney